Speaking about Oneself

How to make your students speak about themselves:
a collection of various games to have them talk, talk, talk.
  • From https://en.islcollective.com/, here comes a nice though short collection of « Let’s Talk about… » board games; don’t hesitate to check on their website, it is an exquisite treasure chest:
  • http://eslgames.com/ offers us another view on conversation:
  • Yet another fabulous website, http://busyteacher.org/ challenges us to « Discuss, Chat or Talk about… »
  • http://www.cristinacabal.com/ suggests we go further, speaking about friendship, going shopping and money:
  • Just as good as all the other games, the next ones*** are definitely worth playing.*** The only trouble is that the web browser we are presently using doesn’t allow us to search for the sites where these games come from. We are doing our best to change the present state of facts. Please, do contact us privately, in case one of the images offends copyright.
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