Present Perfect Simple. Present Perfect Continuous


Present Perfect Simple – speaking about personal experiences – cards designed by EngliSHip

Present Perfect Simple – HAVE YOU EVER… questions – Reward Pre-Intermediate Resource Pack

Present Perfect Simple – easy board game – part of a fantastic collection of games

Present Perfect Simple – HAVE YOU EVER…? board game

Present Perfect Simple – DISCUSS, CHAT OR TALK ABOUT… HELP – board game for intermediate students

Present Perfect Simple – LET’S TALK ABOUT… EXPERIENCES

Present Perfect Simple – multiple use cards designed by EngliSHip – vocabulary clues and teacher’s notes

Present Perfect Simple – more teaching activities

Present Perfect Simple vs Past Simple – board game – part of a collection of games


A board game (that you can also cut down into cards) – designed by EngliSHip

We usually use this game – designed by EngliSHip as well – on Present Perfect Continuous alongside with its Past Perfect Continuous counterpart :

Present Perfect Continuous – teaching ideas

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