Past Simple and Past Continuous

Past Simple – WAS, WERE – game designed by EngliSHip

Past Simple – HAPPY FAMILIES cards for teaching the irregular verbs

Past Simple – irregular verbs – board game

Past Simple – board games designed by EngliSHip after having modified an original document:
– one of them has verbs at their short infinitive form (useful for making up the interrogative and the negative) + a list of verbs in the past simple if necessary

– the other one has the very same verbs, but all at their past simple form already

Past Simple – questions mind map

Past Simple – board game – part of a fantastic collection of games

Past Simple – Find Out – conversation practice

Past Simple – Speaking about Oneself – souvenirs – card game

Past Simple – School Days

Past Simple – Growing Up – conversation game

Past Simple – further suggestions of activities


Past Continuous – cards game from an unidentified source

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