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Our Games/ Nos Jeux

Our Games for Learning and Teaching English/
Nos jeux pour apprendre et enseigner l’anglais

Just like any other teacher worldwide, the English teacher of EngliSHip has been gathering loads of pedagogical resources for years.

Now that we have finally tidied up and classified about half of our database in terms of GAMES, BOARD GAMES, CARD GAMES etc, we have decided to share them all with whoever may be interested.

Of course, most of the documents have been downloaded from the internet, from sites free of charge, that didn’t ask for any copyrights. We thus thank all the generous teachers who have shared their brains’ work with us all.

Thus, alongside with our original pedagogical resources, we are glad to share everything with you all.

Enjoy !

Body Parts. Health
Cake Recipes for Francophones
Clothes. Fashion
Countries. Nationalities
Food. Fruit. Vegetables
Jobs. Job Interviews and Work
Jobs. Professions
Speaking about Oneself

Adjectives. Degrees of Comparison
Future – All Types
IF-Clauses/ Conditionals
Past Simple and Past Continuous
Present Continuous
Present Perfect Simple. Present Perfect Continuous
Present Simple
Reported/ Indirect Speech

Lifeboat Debate – game
Who Are You? – Fake Identities

In case you find a game that we have shared, and in so doing we have broken its copyright licence, please contact us by private message and let us know: we will do our best to comply with legislation.

Asking Questions
At the Restaurant
Conversation – miscellaneous Board Games and Cards
English for Various Specific Purposes
Holidays and Travelling
New Technologies

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